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Marine & Oilfield Supply

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Alpha Marine Inc. established in 1977 a leading ship chandling company in USA that serves the Northern Coast needs of maritime cargo, cruise, and oil and gas industry. New Future International W.L.L has extensive technical product knowledge and global sourcing capabilities combined with comprehensive range of products that are available ex stock as per the IMPA and ISSA. The company is currently in the process of obtaining its ISO 9001-2008 quality certification through Lloyd's .

  • Engine supply
    All types of valves and fittings, pipe and fittings, flanges, bearings, diaphragm pumps, pneumatic pumps, pneumatic grinders, needle scalers, mucking winches, pneumatic safety lamp, pneumatic vacuum cleaners, deck scalers, and other equipmenst are available to supply for vessel requirments.
  • Dock supply
    All types of marine ropes,PP rope, nylon rope, wire rope, shackles and mooring links, wire rope slings,anchors,turn buckles, wire rope sockets, cargo hook and blocks, delta plates, master link, container lashings and other related equipme nts are available here.
  • Provision
    Fresh and frozen vegetable, fruits, meat, fish, mineral water, fresh juices, carbonated drinks, coffee, tea, eggs, milk, yogurt, ice cream, butter and cheese, oil and fat, bread cake and pastry, chocolates, jam and other canned food stored to supplye for vessels in the ocean.
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    PO BOX:40487
    TEl:+974 44 818123
    Fax:+974 44325006
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    Alpha Marine Inc.,
    54-58 Commerce Street,
    Brooklyn, NY 11231,
    Tel: 718-852-6868
    Fax: 718-935-0879