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  • Overview
    Brand Group, Trading Ltd is a construction material supplier based in Bangladesh. Ever since its establishment Brand Group, Trading has been dedicated to providing customers with high quality products and standard of service.Over the years it has grown into one of the largest building material suppliers in the country. With a workforce of over huge employees, this company is one of the largest private companies in Bangladesh. The Founder’s deep held philosophies, beliefs and values have shaped the way the company does business and deals with its customers. Values such as hard work, customer focus, preserving high quality of products and services has always been held in high regard.
  • Our Activities
    Providing customers with high quality products at reasonably low prices without compromising quality for cost. The core business of the Brand Group, Trading Ltd is the import, retail, and delivery of Construction Material or Products. With products ranging from concrete materials such as cement, sand, deform bars, aggregate, plywood and hardwood to finishing products such as tiles, glass, roofing, aluminum and many more. Brand Group, Trading has also diversified into the complementary industries such as Construction, Equipment Rentals and Real Estate Development. Brand Group, Trading was the first company in the industry to offer Free Delivery to project sites as timely delivery and convenience of customers is regarded as the top priority. The Rentals section provides services in coordination with customers to ensure that their project progresses smoothly and efficiently.